Example Brunch/Lunch

Keats Farm tomatoes, almond pesto, sourdough £9.5

Peas, mint, Berkswell, sourdough £10.5

‘Nduja, fried egg, greens, pickled red cabbage, sourdough £12.5

Smoked salmon, poached egg, greens, fermented chilli hollandaise £12.5

Guinea Fowl rillettes, fried egg, sourdough £12.5


Burrata, braised greens, anchovy £8.5

Tagliatelle, beef & pork ragu £14.5

Veal belly, braised peas, parsley £17.5

Turbot, sea purslane, fennel £18.5

Roast sirloin, fried potato, artichoke £18.5

Sides & Extras

Hash browns, scotch bonnet ketchup £4.5

‘Nduja croquettes, aioli £6.5

Sweets & Desserts

Warm banana bread, house-made Nutella £4.5

Strawberries, milk ice cream, honeycomb £6.5

Lincolnshire Poacher, spiced honey, sourdough crisps £8.5

Please let us know about any food allergies and dietary requirements
A discretionary 12.5% service charge will be added to your bill